Braun Lighting and Grip

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Braun Lighting and Grip


10 Ton Grip Package $600.00 FRAMES 3- 20x20 3- 12x12 3- 8x8 2- 6x6 + Assorted pipe sizes OVERHEAD GOODS 6x6- Single, Double,Solid,Griff, Checker,Silk, Bleached mus 8x8- Singles, Double, Solid, Silk, Silver, Checker, Bleached, Lt Grid Soft Frost, Claycoat 12x12- Single, Double, Solid, Silk, Griff, Lt Grid, Silver, Gold, Soft Frost, Checker, Mus Bl/Un, Claycoat 20x20- Single, Double, Silk, Muslin, Solid, Griff STANDS CARTS 12- Baby Stands 1- Taco Cart 4- Sky highs 1- 4X4 Cart 4- High Boys 2- Cable Carts 8- Combos T.R 1- Door Way Dolly 8- Combos D.R. 1- Hand Truck 4- Low Combos 4- Phenumatic Hampers 20- 40” C stands 1- C Stand Cart 2- 40” Turtle 4- 20” C Stands


Studio shoots of all kinds



1Ton, 3Ton, 5Ton, 10Ton Loaded Pkgs

Generators, Dollys, HMIs, Tungsten, Kinos

Grip Rigging, Crews

From Big To Small Whatever You Need We Have



Contact: Steve Braun

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From Big To Small Whatever You Need We Have!